At, we are producers of top-notch video projects for clients in Corporate, Education, Sports, Non-profit, Medical, Industrial and other sectors.


Harness the impact of non-fiction visual storytelling with an award-winning production team.  With decades of experience in broadcast television, Hilltop crafts quality video programs designed to help brand awareness, and promotional video segments and spots to help generate qualified leads.  Hilltop has produced projects in multiple industries ranging from education, medicine, and sports broadcasting.  We also offer turn-key strategies and placement on social media.   Location shooting and post-production video editing is our specialty.  We offer competitive pricing and conceptualize top-tier productions.

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Hilltop Management is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the management and marketing of  institutions, non-profits, and sports & entertainment properties.    LEARN MORE



Hilltop can accommodate your special project with a full production multi-camera location shoot complete with jib, cinematic lenses, and fully cast professional talent.  Hilltop is flexible enough to offer a single man shoot to accommodate your project.


At Hilltop video editing is paramount.  We have decades of experience and the computing power and software to handle any type of project or format.  From large screen presentations to mobile phone or YouTube viewing.  Editing is an art form.  It encompasses visual storytelling combined with the technical aspects of color correction, audio mixing, and graphics.  We specialize in documentary style storytelling and can handle multi-camera editing of any genre or resolution. 

Corporate Presentation

Fortune 500 company ADP contracted Hilltop to put together a big-screen presentation with a carefully narrated track to educate its sales force about its brand new cutting edge technology.

Business Marketing

When Geisinger Community Medical Center opened a new $15 million dollar maternity center,  Hilltop produced a series of videos to announce the scope of the new initiative.

Network Documentary

 Here's an edited documentary segment featuring legendary golfer Ben Hogan that aired on ESPN Classic, edited by Hilltop's John Bacchia for Phoenix Communications.

Hilltop produced and directed a broadcast special that aired on SportsNet New York.  The day-long event was compressed to 1-hour and aired multiple times on SNY.

Television Special
Mini-Documentary segments

Hilltop also produced mini-documentaries for the New Jersey Institute of Technology - exclusively for the web.  It features the school's all-time leading scorer Damon Lynn, and was narrated by Hilltop's Dave Popkin.


Hilltop edited a seven-part series about famed baseball broadcasters that were featured on kiosks at the Yogi Berra Museum.   Hilltop's team has crafted videos of all sizes and formats.

Venue Presentations

About us

John Bacchia understands that crafting a story is at the heart of visual art, and being able to capture those real images with conviction and style is a task that requires creative and technical skills.  Bacchia is a two-time national Emmy Award winner and has been nominated a half-dozen times for various other screen awards.  John can help you form your corporate identity.  Hilltop is equipped with high-end camera gear and a full array of professional editing/audio equipment and teleprompter.  Documentary style production is a great fit for corporate, small business, and Nonprofit entities, and John Baccchia has contributed to hundreds of documentary-style productions. 

Dave Popkin

Dave Popkin offers marketing expertise through multi-layered strategies that can fit your promotional goals.  In addition to his Marketing expertise, he is a Network Calibur broadcaster who has appeared on hundreds of national broadcasts.  Dave can be seen on the CBS Sports Network during basketball season, The Big East Digital Network, and on AM970, Sirus XM as the regular color analyst for Seton Hall Basketball.  Hilltop can help you with casting your project and we also have a wide-network of broadcasters and voiceover talent to fit your project and your branding goals.


John Bacchia

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