Successful video campaigns include social media

                           Case Study

Goal: Introduce an orthopedic group to new clients to generate new business....

Video 1

An established orthopedic group needed a visual  branding campaign to introduce its practice to potential NEW clients.   Hilltop created a series of videos as a corporate introduction, profiling the practice to new potential audiences.

Video 2

This video introduces NEW clients to how the practice approaches solving health issues.  The video

educates clients that they can receive world-class care locally.  Combining professionally crafted storytelling with localized social media promotion can be an extremely cost-effective way of advertising your business.   

Video 3

This video introduces NEW clients to an old one.  It documents her health issue and how the group solved her problem.  It also highlighted the fact that she was an athlete who trusted the group and benefited from their expertise.

Video 4

Video 4 introduces a new doctor to the practice.  Each short video has a specific goal. They are crafted to be timeless in nature.  Contact Hilltop to discuss your social media plan.

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